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What post-diagnosis tips do you have?

Share your post-diagnosis tips!

  1. Be persistent and do not allow the learned doctors to tell you its normal and natural. Only you know your body and its important that it speaks to you and trusts you to take care of it. Spotting or bleeding after age 55 needs to be checked out. Exams and smears are not comfortable but they are necessary after age 55, at least every three to five years. Do not let your doctor convince you they are not necessary after menopause. Cancer cells can grow at any time but the earlier they are found, the earlier, the safer and the easier the treatment for them will be.

    1. This is great advice, thank you for sharing! It is never easy to advocate for yourself in a healthcare setting, but the more stories we share like yours, hopefully, can give community members the strength to do so. Sending you good vibes today!

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