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What would you tell someone who is newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

What piece of advice would you share with someone who was newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

  1. thanks Ellen for that - your comments are really helpful

    1. I appreciate your feedback, Sarah. Learning about Cancer can truly send us and those around us in a state we always hope to avoid. Let it be a time to be open to communication and help.

  2. Some of the best advice I can give is to embrace your feelings. "It's ok NOT be ok!" So many times, we immediately think we have to hit the ground "fighting" or be this big cancer warrior, but that's not true. You need to process how you feel in the moment. You may not have what it takes for that and its ok. You will get there!

    1. For me, it was a frightening time with so many unknowns. Like many, I saw the time of diagnosis as a risk to my comfortable, in-control world. I was flooded with thoughts about the reality that my life may be limited and that I was no longer in control. I literally needed to remind myself to stay within the now and told myself, "You are safe and nothing is happening to you at this very moment. Use this time to grieve and also find gratitude for the life you have."
      The best advice I can give is to be gentle with yourself. If you need to be alone, so be it. If you need to be surrounded by others, take to the phone and ask for the support you need.

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