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How did you discover that you had ovarian cancer?

69% of our In America Survey respondents said they discovered that they had ovarian cancer from screening after symptoms and 18% said they discovered it unintentionally. How did you discover you had ovarian cancer?

  1. I had sharp pains in my lower left abdomen. I was urinating, (or had the urge to) all the time. I was out of breath constantly and had lost my appetite. My PCP sent me for bloodwork and an ultrasound that led to an MRI. Then I was referred to Oncology and I had surgery 2 days later. I was put into surgical menopause with a complete open exploratory hysterectomy and washing. I was cut from sternum to pelvic bone and everything was removed, as well as oomentum, both tubes, both ovaries, uterus, and many lymph nodes.

    1. Thought I was constipated. I went to emergency room. I was told I had ovarian cancer with ascites. Dr told me he was sending me into Boston via ambulance

      1. yesterday marked one year of being diagnosed

      2. congratulations! How did you celebrate ?

    2. Hello, at first I was in denial and confused, like how did this not show up when I just had pap not realizing ovarian cancer not detected through pap.I felt like I had a secret but couldn't not share.

      1. After 6-7 weeks of what I thought was a stubborn bout of Gastroenteritis. Pain increased so finally saw PCP on Tuesday, saw GYN Oncologist Friday, then had surgery the following Thursday.

      2. Thank you for sharing. This seems like it happened so fast. How were you feeling about everything? Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

    3. Ultrasound to check for Gallbladder issues

      1. thank you for sharing. How did you feel after you found out? Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

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