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What is the hardest part about living with ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is life-changing. It comes with so many challenges and struggles. What has been the toughest part about living with ovarian cancer?

  1. Prayer..

    1. The unknow...anxiety. side normal

      1. Yes, all of these are so difficult to deal with. Is there anything that helps you cope? Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

    2. Dealing with pain , watching my Teal sisters in pain and passing away .

      1. It's incredibly tough losing those we care for. Thank you for sharing and sending you positive thoughts 💙. Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

    3. Dealing with pain, constant fatigue, nausea and the effects of it metastasizing. The side effects of chemo can be unbearable, but after 6 years, I have gotten so used to them. I think what makes it hardest is that they can vary. It's like my body read the pamphlet and chooses different side effects at various times! LOL! ~Leya Elijah-Team Member~

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