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Ovarian Cancer

Hello my name is *, after we had our first Daughter in 1988. The hospital called me in, she said it looks like your cervix has cells changing into Cancer. I spent 2yrs. Twice a week having cryosurgery. They were freezing off the cells that were turning into cancer. That's the freezing truth. Years later 2010, or i had an ovarian cyst that was almost the size of a small Grapefruit. Painful. I had the surgery. The photos he took showed the cyst was quite large. Afterwards he had asked me if I wanted to have a Uterine ablation done since I already had 2 grand children. I said no. I had a 90second burning πŸ”₯ of the uterine wall. Liquids of some blackened pieces were coming out. Then that procedure was done in 1/20/2010. I have never had a period since. Before that I wouldn't have a period for 5 months, and then bleed for 5 straight weeks. I had to bring extra clothes to work
Because it looked like someone took a knife and the blood was quite a lot. The whole 5 weeks. 2yrs. ago my Dr. Said I had HPV. It was on my cervix.He had to do a uric acid wash to kill off the cells that were turning, and could be turning cancerous again. Keep on its worth the fight. After our 2 Daughters, and a possible miscarriage. It will be so much better. Do this Uterine Ablation only if you, positively do not want children, or you are done having them.
Unfortunately this is not reversible. Once it's done you will no longer be able to attach to become fertile. The Uterine will be smooth, and the eggs will not stick to the lining. Thank God that has not happened to me. I pray it never will. (Some risk)it could get stuck in the fallopian tube. To each is own. 14yrs. Praise God no problem 😊 πŸ™ πŸ™Œ ✨️ Ladies I can't Stress this enough, no joking.
You really have to make sure that this is what you want. No reversals at all.
Thank you

  1. , thank you for sharing your story. You've had quite a journey. I hope things continue to be positive and I'm sending you love and light. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

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