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Let's Talk About Sex.

Sex and intimacy can be challenging for many women after a diagnosis. What are your biggest challenges and how do you share them with your partner?

  1. I haven’t had sex at all . I wasn’t dating when I was diagnosed, and 2017. And I haven’t dated since.

    1. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this with us. Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

  2. my biggest challenge over the years has been sharing with my partner that they won't hurt me. I am often approached as if I am this china doll that will break! LOL! There is nothing worse than constantly being asked.."are you ok?" or "am I hurting you?" Geez... I am a big girl, I can communicate that! LOL! Most men, automatically assume that you can't have sex when you tell them you have cancer, so you are forced to kinda have the uncomfortable conversations you wouldn't otherwise have.

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