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Teal Tips for Life Post-Diagnosis

Welcome to the Teal Club! The moment you received your ovarian cancer diagnosis, you became a member! You now join the many people successfully surviving this every day! When you first begin this journey, I know you receive so much information. It can all be so overwhelming.

You are not alone

The first thing to know is that you are not alone! There are countless just like you, feeling just like you at this exact moment. It's going to be ok! You will hear this so many times, but I can assure you this is so true.

If you are like most, you are thinking, "What now?" And if you dare to say it, well, then you just opened the floodgates of information! I swear I was inundated with medical information, survivor information, and personal stories. And why do people feel they need to tell you about all the people they know who died from ovarian cancer... Gee, thanks.

Teal tips on living your life post-diagnosis

I remember a friend of mine saying to me that she felt so sorry for me because I wasn't going to be able to enjoy life anymore. Who told that lie?

Many believe that, though! Cancer means buying a blanket and giving up life. Never! You may find that you have to make some changes due to physical limitations or treatment, but you work around that. Keep doing the things that make you laugh and inspire you to live.

Try it - why not?!

Do the things that you always wished you could do, should do, and would do! Go for it! Embrace life, and stop being afraid of it.


Take moments to just be still! I found so much power in the calmness of serenity. Take the time to separate yourself from everything going around you and fall in love with absolute peace.

Cherish relationships

There is so much healing in love. All of our relationships have purpose and meaning in our lives.

We all need that special time with our best friends to just chat and laugh - no cancer conversation allowed! Second, nothing helps and heals like family. The community brings special healing vibes. Your spouse or significant other, if you are blessed to be in a beautifully healthy relationship, there is nothing like it. Your special someone will give you the support and love you need like no one else. Mine is my rock, my heart, my strength, my everything, my true love!

Your life is not over

Once I settled down, I realized how few people told me how to just... LIVE! Remember that your life didn't stop in that doctor's office or in the hospital room. I know it may have felt like it did, but it did not. I mean, just think about it, you walked out of there.

I can't express this enough. Positive energy is stronger than anything! Whether you are physically able to totally live your "normal" life and routine or have had surgeries and are in the hospital or confined to bed, your energy matters.

Negative energy affects your mental health and, eventually, your body, healing, recovery, and survival. Stay positive. I hope you find encouragement in the fun Teal Tips of Survival. You got this!

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