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Focusing on the Positive

Sometimes it is difficult to keep a positive attitude, but we do our very best to try! Here are some tips for focusing on the positive each day.

Find your positive place

Smile as often as you can. Maybe that is to yourself, or to someone you see. If you catch someone’s eye at the store, or in line, smile. (Even if you have a mask on, they can see it in your eyes.)

Work to surround yourself with positive people. They say you should surround yourself with those you admire most, as well as those that bring you joy. When you are surrounded by those in a negative place, that energy can make its way to you.

Start every day with something that makes you feel good. For me, I love to snuggle with my dogs before getting up. It helps remind me, and hopefully them of unconditional love!

What are you reading or listening to? Focus on things that are uplifting and that bring you joy. This can be a good book, a positive podcast or music.

Make sure you are moving your body. Take a quick walk to start the day or on your lunch break. Many people love to jog, or even work in some stretching or yoga.

I try to always have something that I can look forward to. Plan a vacation, big or small, it will give you something to get excited about! Set a date with an old friend to grab dinner or take a walk and catch up.

Consider journaling if you don’t already. Work to keep a running gratitude list at the beginning of your journal or start by listing one every day before you write.

Treat yourself to something you truly enjoy, but do not have very often. It is summertime...ice cream anyone?

Make sure you have a project to work on that you truly enjoy. Making progress on something you are excited to work on, helps increase those happy endorphins.

Work to maintain a positive space

I know it can be difficult at times to maintain a positive attitude. Some days it just may not happen. You may need to let yourself sit in your feelings even if they are sad, but do not stay there. We need to feel the things impacting us, but we can also strive to work through them and into a happier, positive space. It is important to focus on being in a positive place and strive to have more good days than bad.

Positivity is not just something we can switch on, but it is something we can work to be. I have been known to try and put on my positive pants as often as I can. Even on tough days at work or on my health journey, I try to focus on something good going on around me. I work to point these things out to others as well. Maybe if I help them notice something a little positive while in a difficult situation, then maybe they will see how they can do it too.

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