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Ovarian Cancer and Hysterectomy

Unfortunately, since most of the time ovarian cancer isn't caught and diagnosed in most women until it's already stage 3 or even more advanced, we are already facing surgery!

Tumors are already large and have metastasized. For many of us, this will mean having a hysterectomy in some form. That means, for most of us, no more children or no children at all. I will tell you that for me, it meant no more children. But my babies were grown up, that shouldn't be a big deal, right?

Just have the surgery and move forward! Not exactly...

Mental trauma

I had no idea how traumatic this process would be! I wasn't prepared to stop having children, and I wasn't given any options. Nothing was discussed with me emotionally... Everyone was discussing my life and my body, but what about my heart that was breaking? Who was going to fix that?

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