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When I first started having symptoms, with my stomach hurting and bloating after I ate. I went through so many upper G.I.‘s and lower G.I.‘s. The doctor said they couldn’t find out what was going on with me. In December 2016 I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg. Then in February, I had a stroke. I had blood clots in my lungs and in my heart.

You have cancer

That’s when they found that knot on my ovary...They said it was 9 cm. My oncologist wanted to wait to do the surgery, until after he got the results from my heart doctor. In the meanwhile, I went to my hematologist. He asked me when I was gonna do my surgery. I told him that Dr. Martin was waiting for my heart results. That’s when he took me into his office. And said he’ll do the surgery right away.

"Ma’am, you have cancer." I remember just looking at him and saying "ok". I walked out of his office and went home. That was May 1, my oncologist called me and said my surgery was on the 12th. My niece works at the hospital at the time. So she got the news I had cancer. After my surgery. The 9 cm tumor had increased to 18 cm. The tumor weighed 14 lbs. I stayed in the hospital for eight days. I remember I didn’t say much.

June 6th

The last day I was in the hospital, my oncologist came in told me I would start my chemo on June 13 and he was putting my port in on June 6. Which is my birthday. I remember I started crying. And a little nurse that was in there. Said you were so strong we didn’t even cry until today. I told her I held it in. Hoping that I wouldn’t have to do chemo. I have some time to hit you all at once.

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