Effects Of Ovarian Cancer On My Life

I never dreamed that this would happen to me. I was first diagnosed in Jan 2020 with stage 1C with suspicious mesothelioma cells found in the abdominal fluid. Was treated as Stage 2. The regimen given to me consisted of Alimta and Cis-platin. These would address both adenocarcinoma and mesothelioma. Had 6 treatments that were successful for 9 months. At that time, a CT scan showed a Lt adnexal cyst in the pelvic viscera. The decision was made to treat with chemo again.

I had 6 treatments with little change. MD calls it a stable condition. Have started another 3 treatments and will re-evaluate after that. The recurrence has affected my emotions more than the initial diagnosis. I feel like a part of me has been taken away. This go-round, I don't have the energy I had last year. I feel more dependent on others which is not who I am. Most of the help I need is physical labor that I used to do without issue.

I am also a person who doesn't give up easily, but some days are harder than others to keep the positivity. I do turn to God with requests of healing and strength to continue this fight, as well as, many friends and family. I have a great medical team and have faith and trust in them all. My family has been great as well. I just find it hard sometimes.

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