I watched my mother be so stubborn that even when it looked like a fist was popping out of her stomach she refused to see a doctor. When she had to go to the bathroom a lot, she still refused. Until she ended up in the hospital. I still believe that if she would have gone sooner there would have been a different outcome.

Stage 4 ovarian cancer

She was only 55 when she was diagnosed with stage 4, already too advanced. The chemo meds made her sick, tired, and hallucinate. She tried pushing me and my family away. We were just as stubborn as her. Her mother had breast and uterine cancer and beat those. Now my father who was in the ARMY/Navy has Esophagus cancer.

Doesn't get easier

It doesn't get any easier. Knowing I have to watch myself really closely sometimes drives me crazy. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are ones that could be something else. I buried my mother and stepfather on the same day. My stepfather passed away from so many things. From Prostate cancer, sepsis, liver failure, etc. All of which he didn't know he had because he also refused to see a doctor. Now as the days tick by and I know the day for my dad will come soon I break down. It never gets easier.

My Mother

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