I Survived

In 1995 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I was treated in a military facility by a gynocology oncologist. I underwent surgery and 6 rounds of chemo (cysplain and taxol). It was the first time he had used that regimen.

I was told that they were sure they had bought me 2 years. By my second chemo session, he said I could be his miracle. I was.

I lost 20 pounds and still have some neuropathy.

The runaround and a lump in my chest

Then in 2011, my CA125 tripled from 10 to 30. Not usually a concern, but my family practice doctor Sent me for capstan, and referred me to only gynecology oncologist in area.

While waiting for my appointment with gyn, I went to family practice doctor due to a lump in my chest under the collarbone. She measured and said we would watch for 30 days. The oncologist visit resulted in doctor wanting a biopsy of my liver then we discussed my chest lump.

I had chest CAT scan and then referral to a surgeon followed. He sent to hospital for a needle biopsy. There was something, but not cancer. This went on for a year. Liver needle biopsy showed nothing. CA125 slightly increased and cat scans showed no change.

Finally, in 2012, I discussed with family practice doctor again, and since the lump in my chest was bigger she sent me to her surgeon for a real biopsy. That came back as ovarian cancer in my chest. The oncologist requested pet scan and my chest lite up. The surgeon would not do surgery as the tumor had filled my chest cavity.

I underwent 3 rounds of chemo and tumor reduced by almost half. I then had surgery which included removing the bones (rib cartilage) in my chest. The put a plastic plate in chest to protect heart and lungs. 3 more chemo treatments through December of 2012. I was treated with carbonation and tacos.

Regardless of it all, I am still here

I am still here in 2023. I got to see both my children graduate from high school.

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