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Wig or No Wig

Last updated: September 2022

Whether to wear a wig or not to wear a wig...that’s such a personal question.

If at some point, you learned that treatment would cause you to lose your hair, then I can assume you probably asked yourself should I get a wig? What should I do to cover my bald head? Should I cold cap? I didn’t cold cap, but know ladies that have had amazing success with it! I honestly didn’t even know it was an option when I started this crazy ride of cancer treatment.

What makes you feel most like yourself?

The answer is do whatever the hell makes you feel the most comfortable. I know many women who chose to wear a wig and wanted to try to feel as “normal” as possible without the safety of their own natural hair. Many women wear a wig, then a head wrap, then show off that bald ass head! Understandably it takes time to accept certain aspects of this phase of life.

My wig journey began in a little shop outside of Denver. I went in armed with my Mom, 2 Aunts, and a belly full of butterflies. I kept asking myself, do I really need to spend this money right now? I have no idea if I can even find one that makes me feel like myself. Is it going to make my head itchy? How does it stay on?

All the questions I asked myself

If you have been here, you know all the things you can ask yourself. We settled on 3 that day. One that was about as close as close could be to my hair color and cut at the time. The second was a bit blonder because sometimes I like to change things up, but who doesn’t? Lastly, I picked up a super inexpensive dark purple wig cut into a perfect bob with bangs. She was the one I truly grew to love during this wild adventure in my life. For synthetic hair, I think we did pretty well that day.

As time went on, I realized that some people didn’t even know I was bald under those wigs and hats. I embraced fun floppy and fitted hats because I felt they made me look even less like I was wearing a wig. It also gave me something fun to shop for. People also loved to send them to me, and I got so excited about each one.

Exploring other options beyond wigs

Eventually, I did venture out and started wearing wraps around my head. I have to admit, I think I started to get tired of working with the wig each day and some of those beanies and wraps are so easy to just toss on. Then I started to figure out how to use scarfs I already had and knot them up and create fun looks with those. I did go out bald a few times, but not often. It was wintertime, so I always had something on my head even at home.

When you ask yourself, should I wear a wig or not, the real question is, what will I be most comfortable in? Remember, you can always change your mind, because a wig is easy to change or take off. They lend themselves as a means to create a bit of your own adventure.

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