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What Were Your Telling Symptoms?

Symptoms for ovarian cancer can be sometimes confused with symptoms for a menstrual cycle or other health conditions. What symptoms clued you in that something was really wrong.

  1. I actually had a cancer tumor for over a year. I had endometriosis. I thought getting out of any vehicle or stepping down hard. The pain that came with it was from that. The nausea, fatigue, mood swings, getting sick every time I would eat, hard to urinate, sometimes painful to urinate, the weird urine smell and the uncomfortableness. Thought it was all endometriosis. By the time I got stuck at with with throwing up. With covid they sent me home. After the 4th day being home. I woke up in so much pain. Went to my doctor. Sent me for a ct scan. Thought I had a bowel blockage. They said it was a fibroid size of a grapefruit I need a ob. He scheduled a hysterectomy in June 2020. It a basketball by the time they removed it. I didn’t know they were testing for cancer. My 2 week check up I was asking if I could go back to work early. That ob told me I had cancer. His gals up front works give me the name of a gynecological oncologist. Walked out of the room. I was confused, scared, lost trying to keep it together of what he just said. I’m alive at this appointment. The rest is history. A journey I will never forget. Dealing with some nausea side effects from chemo. On a feeding tube, the neuropathy, loss of preferable vision my vision is blurry and some hearing still. One step at a time at this point.

    1. Wow, it truly is a journey you will never forget. I think you are spot on, one step at a time. thank you for sharing your journey and your story, I am glad your physician was able to determine the cause of all of your symptoms.

      -ShaRhonda ( Team Member

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