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Have you used PARP Inhibitors to treat your ovarian cancer?

PARP inhibitors have been used as maintenance therapy to treat ovarian cancer since 2014. Have you used PARP Inhibitors as a form of treatment?

  1. Yes, ZEJULA. Started on 300mg daily and developed critical level thrombocytopenia and required a week of hospitalization and platelet transfusion. Held for a month and restarted on 200mg daily and developed severe anemia with hemoglobin 6.7 requiring blood transfusion. Dose held for a month and now restarted at 100mg daily. Additionally, the fatigue has been THOROUGHLY DEBILITATING! But I am thankful to be alive.

    1. thank you so much for sharing. This sounds like such a rollercoaster. How have you been doing lately? And ugh fatigue is the WORST. Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

  2. Yes, first time around zejula, too many side effects. 2nd go round just started Rubraca

    1. what side effects were you experiencing and how has it been so far on rubraca? Warmly, Rackel (Team Member)

  3. I am on Zejula 100 mg

    1. After my 6 month CT scan there was some enlargement in the periitonenum and new nodes.
      My oncologist advised me to stop Niraparib.
      After a PET scan I will be starting 6 rounds of carboplatin, gemcitabine and Avastin.
      Not looking forward to more treatment.

    2. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you positive thoughts! Warmly,
      Rackel (Team Member)

  4. I am currently on niaparib. 100 mg.

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