Julie Salazar

Advanced Ovarian Cancer Community Advocate Julie Salazar Julie was diagnosed with ovarian and endometrial cancer during a global pandemic.

She was extremely fortunate that her cancer presented with a vast amount of blood clots in both lungs. Her subtype of endometroid ovarian and endometrial cancer likes to produce blood clots. Otherwise, she never would have known that she was ill.

Julie has become an advocate for women to pay close attention to their bodies during their 40’s. This decade is when small changes start happening within the reproductive area. No matter how small a change, she has told women over and over “you need to tell your GYN provider”. For now, this is the only way to detect early-stage ovarian cancer.

Most importantly, she advocates for an annual pelvic exam well into the 7th decade of life. She learned from her GYN oncologist that most women stop going to their GYN provider after their children are born. It’s literally the only time a GYN provider will palpate a women’s reproductive system. Since becoming an advocate for ovarian cancer awareness, Julie has learned that women have no idea that the majority of GYN cancer affects women in their 60’s.

Julie is currently a member of Team Teal for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and is currently training for the 2021 Empire State Bike Ride.

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